• Boris Ryvkin

    Boris Ryvkin

    Policy analyst (FSU, Russia, Central Asia) - Brown (Economics/Political Science)/Cornell

  • Niall O’Gorman

    Niall O’Gorman

    #Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

  • Just Kat

    Just Kat

    Trauma Therapist in the making | life-long student | Questioner of all things | Veteran and such

  • Sharon Lerner

    Sharon Lerner

    journalist, author, optimist. I write about ed, work/life, the environment, kids' issues for @theprospect, @thenation, etc. Senior Fellow @demos_org

  • Diana AtWork Cantu

    Diana AtWork Cantu

    Professional technology evangelist (Newtec.eu), arts cheerleader & nerd. Occasional blogger. Proud chair of @Artengine Board of Directors.

  • Megan Stephens

    Megan Stephens

    Work with words & pictures. Boy mom. Inspired by family, friends, travel, fresh air, wine & design. How long does it take for seeds to sprout? @willobuzz

  • Jennifer Hough

    Jennifer Hough

    Irish journalist transplanted to Canada. Writing for a variety of publications. Get me on jenniferhros@icloud.com An RT doesn't mean I agree.

  • Sejal Hathi

    Sejal Hathi

    @Yale student | Social entrepreneur | @Forbes 30 under 30 | Innovating for global health and women's empowerment | Building @girltankorg & @s2cap

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